New mailbox for my new house

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My husband a month ago bought a new house in the south. His house is good, and fun. Away from the city. Now we are conducting re-house renovations. And when I need a Mailbox decorations then again I find on the internet. I found a great site that provides thousands of Mailboxes. Various forms, types, and price. And I'm looking for a mailbox, a simple but easily recognizable by the postman. Its form is not too much, elegant and classic look.

My long struggled with this site, busy sorting. Because the choice is very much at all. And its shape pretty well. To the extent that I think not just buy one type of course. Because other than a letter box shape in general, the form of the mailbox wall mount mailbox as well as seemed appropriate to my old house. That's because my old house did not have a page, so that my mailbox is over the fence home.

After thinking and exchange of views with my husband, I finally found my choice. The price is good, it's interesting and unique design. Perfect for my two houses. I am very glad, because I was really satisfied with my choice. I am sure I will eventually house more beautiful with the existence of this mail boxes. I can not wait until the mailbox once it arrives.



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