Having fun with my friends

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Some time ago, my friends invited me to spend the weekend to do something fun together. After all this time we did not meet each other and have fun, because we were busy with business and households so difficult to find a suitable time to meet. And finally we found the right time to meet next week, and we plan to do something together.

My friends there were 10 people, 6 men and 4 women. We were friends since we were both studying at the same university. While we were all very compact in friends, but our tastes have fun very different. The men love sports basketball, and that women prefer to shop or watch a movie. Back when we were in college, we can be together watching a basketball game or to the movies. After we negotiate what we will do next week, we have several options to do something like when we were in college. Options that are celtic woman watching the show, watching the Boston Celtics basketball game or to the Dunkin Donuts Civic Center. It all depends on whether we can get the Boston Celtics tickets, or, Celtic Woman tickets, or Dunkin Donuts CENTER TICKETS.

A duty to search for tickets is my friend who is always on duty he was always looking for tickets for us. Very funny, even though we were not in college anymore, but most of us are not much changed. I can not wait to wait until next week and have fun with friends, my best friend.

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